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I care about your son.

And have therefore brought a professional defibrillist

Doctor Lawrence Kutner
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Doctor. Risk-Taker. Orphan. Believer.

Lawrence Kutner was born Lawrence Baidwan in 1981 in Freemont California. When he was six years-old, his birth parents were killed when the deli they owned was being robbed. He was later adopted by Julia and Richard Kutner, and took their last name. He didn’t however, stop exploring his Hindu heritage, as was encouraged by his parents, and this led to him being a very spiritual person, in both religious, paranormal, and fictional ways. He received his first chemistry set at the age of nine, later said to be one of the best gifts he’d ever gotten, and that was when he first started calling his parents Mom and Dad. He did well in school, and got along well with the people, though he did admit to being a bully when he was a child to a kid he later apologized to. He received a full ride to Berkley and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Physics. He then moved on to the University of Tel Aviv in Israel for medical school and did his internship and residency at the University of Colorado. He has an active view of life and also does things no one else would do, like crawling on his knees for forty three hours and twenty miles to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002.

In 2007, when positions opened up in Dr. Gregory House’s fellowship program, Kutner submitted his resume without question. He and forty other applicants were hired on a temporary basis in almost a game show setting in order to better help House decide which applicants he was going to hire. Kutner did the best he could to stand out, showing his focus on the patient and fixing them as oppose to judging them for what they may or may not do, for example using a defibrillator on a patient despite being in an oxygenated room. He was also fired not long into the process, but then conned his way back in by saying he was number nine instead of number six, then impressing House with his idea on how to run a stress test on the patient’s liver. House liked Kutner’s way of thinking outside the box, as well as his alignment with the way House thinks. When they needed to run a test for mad cow on a man who was already dead and buried, Kutner was one of the first to volunteer to go dig the body up, as well as the one that did most of the digging. His penchant for taking risks, however, also proved to be detrimental to himself when he electrocuted himself while trying to resuscitate a patient. It worked, but he managed to knock himself unconscious in the process.

He doesn’t always go with House on a means of treatment, however. When he and Cole encountered a magician who nearly drowned doing his own trick, he fought House tooth and nail, even risking his chance for the fellowship, to see that the man got treated because he believed it was a case. That also was the case, however, when he was sold out by Cole in order to stay in the game. Cole was fired in his stead, but that still hurt coming from someone he considered his friend. Eventually, Kutner was hired to the team, along with Taub and Hadley or Thirteen as she was more commonly called. In May 2008, both House and Amber Volakis, or “Cutthroat Bitch,” were involved in a bus accident that resulted in Amber’s death, and it impacted the team as a whole. Kutner was among the people to say goodbye before they took her off life support.

After the funeral, life returned to business as usual. Over the course of the next year, House and Kutner continued to butt heads on various things, mainly on the idea of spirituality and allowing people to believe what they wanted, regardless of logic. There came a point where things came to such a head that Kutner retaliated by peeing on House’s chair and blaming it on a cat. Towards the end of his second year, Kutner started giving away more of his diagnoses to Taub and Hadley, putting the less of spotlight on himself. When House asked him why he saved Taub’s job, he just shrugged it off, saying that there were more important things than being right. A week later, Hadley and Foreman found Kutner dead in his apartment due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. No one ever understood why.

Name: Lawrence Kutner
Fandom: House MD

Kutner is played post-520: Simple Explanation unless otherwise stated. A list of his active verses are HERE.

Disclaimer: I am not Lawrence Kutner, nor am I Kal Penn. Kutner belongs to David Shore and FOX, and Kal owns himself. This is just for fun, and I will put everything back where I found it.